January 16, 2024

Lionel Wendt sits at the cusp of modernism in Sri Lankan and South Asian art. He is significant for his role in creating a space for like-minded individuals to further their creative pursuits and for the influence he continues to exert on art practitioners of the present day. He existed in two worlds—one that was acutely aware of the rapid developments in his environment and looked towards the future, and the other that deeply recognized the beauty that existed in Ceylon.
The inaugural exhibition for KALĀ, ‘Pivot. Glide. Echo.’ continues in his tread of relentless experimentation, extrapolation of the imagination, and challenging the limits of the medium to explore unconventional ideas and lyrical harmonies. Meandering through eight decades, the exhibition provides a unique window into intergenerational dialogues that transpire between modern and contemporary artists from Sri Lanka and the diaspora.

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