KALĀ x ASAP: Word and Image – Contemporary Art Practices and the Written Word

February 12, 2024

Word and Image: Contemporary Art Practices and the Written Word, conducted by artists Fazal Rizvi and Anshika Varma, assisted artists in the South Asian region to establsih an understanding on the relationship between text and image, based on experiences from their own practice. who want to harness the power of language in their creative endeavors. Language is crucial for expression. This module is keen to locate and think through the intersections of text as a visual element while simultaneously attempting to think through the use of language and its intent.

The majority of South Asians come from bilingual households, but in many instances, this represents the minimum. Sri Lanka, with two official national languages, Tamil and Sinhala, and numerous others in use, stands out. Unlike most other countries in South Asia, which generally have one national language aside from English, Sri Lanka’s uniqueness lies in its use of languages and how individuals identify themselves through words.

Text, as a medium, offers immense potential for artistic exploration and expression. This workshop aims to explore the myriad ways artists can integrate text into their visual, performative, and conceptual practices. They will also help them think through the process of making publications/artist books. Drawing from their own experiences in their practices, Fazal and Anshika will guide the artists through this workshop, prompting reflection on the written word—how it is currently employed in their practice, its place within south asian context, and how to further expand and integrate, and think of modes and methods of collaboration and sharing.

6 participants across the region joined Anshika and Faizal for an engaging and enriching discussion of their individual practices and the way in which the written word can be harnessed in their creative endeavours.

The KALĀ x ASAP series is supported by the Faizal & Shabana Foundation.

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