Cassie Machado is a British-Sri Lankan artist-photographer who works with the themes of identity, time, and memory. Her current body of work explores the lensing of post-colonialism, diasporic identity, and cross-cultural encounters through the work of photographer Lionel Wendt. Past works explore film and performance through the lens of language and poetry. Afterlife (2011-2016) was a body of work shown in 2016 at the Saskia Fernando Gallery, reflecting on the final stages of the Sri Lankan civil war, a meditation on its trauma and its memory. The title Afterlife was inspired by the traditional beliefs towards Death in Hinduism and Tamil culture. The series of work helped define her place as an internationally recognised artist and photographer.

Cassie studied English Literature at Kings College London and was awarded the Foundation Botin award by photographer Paul Graham in 2011. She has exhibited at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Sri Lanka (2020), MOCA Taipei (2019), Dhaka Art Summit (2018), Colombo Art Biennale (2016), and Saskia Fernando Gallery (2016).

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