Ivan Peries (1921-1988), a renowned Sri Lankan artist, epitomised the essence of his homeland's landscape in his works. Trained under masters like David Paynter and Harry Pieris, Peries' art evolved from his early years in Sri Lanka. His mature work reflected impeccable control of his colour palette, using shade to evoke emotional responses to the scenes which he painted. He ventured into tempera techniques during his London scholarship at St. Johns Wood School of Art in 1946.

Peries garnered acclaim with his unique style. Critics lauded his personal idiom, evident in his debut solo exhibition in 1951, showcasing 125 paintings, drawings, watercolours, and pastels. His art transcended borders, receiving international recognition. Exhibitions at prestigious venues like St. Catherine’s College, Oxford, and the Commonwealth Institute Gallery, London, highlighted his talent.

Peries' art, mercurial and evocative, defied easy categorization. His paintings exuded a whimsical quality, capturing Sri Lanka's essence through vibrant colours and profound shapes. Works like "The Return" portrayed stark realism, depicting families anxiously awaiting the return of their loved ones from the sea. Peries' craftsmanship was unparalleled, allowing him to infuse his paintings with romantic and beguiling poetry. His art found a place in esteemed collections worldwide, including the Petit Palais in Paris and the Martin Russel collection in London.

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