Renowned Sri Lankan artist Kingsley Gunatillake's artistic journey began within the walls of his childhood home in Wadduwa, where his boundless imagination found expression in charcoal sketches. Despite growing up in an artistic family, Gunatillake's passion for art never wavered. Today, he stands as one of Sri Lanka's leading artists, celebrated for his bold circulatory abstracts that transform into dream-like mindscapes.

After earning his BFA from the University of Visual and Performing Arts, Colombo, Gunatillake ventured into diverse artistic realms. His innovative work, including transforming books into conceptual expressions exploring themes of pain, loss, and ancient mythical flora, gained international acclaim. Gunatillake's creativity extends to installations and interdisciplinary techniques, challenging traditional boundaries. He played a vital role in restoring the Dalada Maligawa shrine, drawing inspiration from traditional drawings to enrich his contemporary creations.

Currently a visiting lecturer at the University of Visual and Performing Arts, Colombo, Gunatillake continues to inspire through solo exhibitions and international events. His cryptic, thought-provoking art invites viewers to explore diverse symbolic meanings. Gunatillake, a recipient of national and international awards, including honours from Czechoslovakia and Japan, is a council member of the Vibhavi Academy Fine Arts and a founder of Child Art Studio. His enduring impact is reflected in collections worldwide, including the Sri Lankan Presidential Collection of Contemporary Art. His art has been exhibited in countries the UK, the Philippines, Ireland, India, and Japan.

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