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L.T.P. Manjusri (1912-1997) was a revered Sri Lankan artist, journalist, and cultural preservationist, dedicated to safeguarding the country's artistic heritage. As a Buddhist monk, Manjusri meticulously documented and preserved thousands of neglected mural paintings in Sri Lanka's ancient temples, ensuring the conservation of the nation's 2,000-year-old classical art tradition.

Transitioning from monastic life in 1949, Manjusri embarked on a prolific career as a journalist at Lake House Newspapers. He authored over 200 articles in Sinhala and English, shedding light on temple paintings, Asian art, and culture, reaching audiences both locally and internationally. In 1943, he inspired the formation of the influential "43 Group," an association of young artists that has become a significant art school in Asia. He studied art at Kala Bhavana, Santiniketan in India.

Manjusri's artworks found homes in esteemed galleries worldwide, including the Sapumal Foundation, the National Art Gallery in Colombo, the Horniman Museum in London, and institutions like the New York Public Library and the Metropolitan Museum in New York. 

Recognized for his dedication, Manjusri received the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award and became a national hero in Sri Lanka. His legacy as a cultural custodian and influential artist endures, leaving an indelible mark on the preservation of Sri Lanka's cultural heritage. He passed away in 1997, leaving behind a lasting testament to his commitment to art and cultural conservation.

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