Award-winning fine artist and photographer Liz Fernando is a graduate from the
prestigious LCC Photography programme, University of Arts London. Fernando’s work
mostly finds its roots in conceptual research. Fernando was born, raised and entirely educated in Europe. Her research though at a personal as well as academic level into the role of photography highlights the different meanings that photography inhabits, often dealing with the notions of memory wherein the personal archive occupies a fundamental space, both aesthetically and practically within non-western cultures. Her ideas surround the idea that the objective of a photograph ponders an evolving interplay between its fragile and fugitive existence.

Fernando's perspective uniquely bridges cultures and continents. Her exploration of photography delves deep into unravelling its nuanced meanings, particularly in the context of memory. She delves into the interplay between a photograph's objective essence and its fragile, transient existence, infusing her work with poetic depth.
Her work was exhibited at Tate Modern London and was showcased by the leading
publisher Photoworks, Brighton. Her major work ‘Trincomalee – My father’s stories and
the lost photographs’ has recently been acquired for the private collection of the
World Bank Headquarters in Washington D.C. and is currently on an international
travelling exhibition. She lives and works in London, Hanover and Colombo.

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