Mahen Perera is a multi-disciplinary artist pushing the boundaries of conventional artistry. Trained at Colombo's National Design Centre, Perera's artistic trajectory continued when he pursued a BA in Fine Arts at Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore. His dedication earned him first-class Honours and the prestigious Winston Oh travel award in 2007.

Perera's canvas is the 'residual' – a space where memories, desires, and fantasies intertwine. Inspired by objects collected during his Colombo walks, his art breathes life into intangible human impulses through meticulous ripping, knotting, and stitching. His creations capture human emotions with profound depth and sensitivity, transforming the immaterial into tangible materiality. Perera's artistry spans continents, gracing exhibitions in Sri Lanka, Singapore, Vietnam, and London. 'Sea Change' at Colomboscope 2019 and 'Making History' at the Colombo Art Biennale 2014 showcased his art practice. His work at Saskia Fernando Gallery's 'Stories Within' in 2018 and the collaboration with Vogue India for 'Project One' in 2016 highlighted his ability to merge art, fashion, and culture. The international stage welcomed his art at the Brunie Gallery, London, in 'Serendipity Revealed' in 2014.

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