Born in Sri Lanka in 1983, Raki Nikahetiya and his parents left the country during times of civil war. They moved to Austria, and reality ruptured between two cultural poles. He studied Economics in Vienna and started off as a photojournalist, before joining the United Nations in 2009. After a five year posting and a cache of experience in international development work, he moved to London. He continued his engagement in trade development and environmental conservation in Asia and Africa before fully focussing on his art practice.

Now working and traversing between New Delhi, London, Vienna and Colombo, Raki focuses on interdisciplinary exploration. Self-taught in documentary photography he started his interdisciplinary path after completing a foundation course at the Slade School of Fine Art in London. As an artist with a migrant background, the documentary aspect focused on individual as well as collective heritage, culture and identity. 

Today his interdisciplinary work pushes this further through the use of photographic negatives, traditional and digital painting, use of artisanal handwork, video and scientific experiments. Raki is interested in the interdisciplinary approach as a tool to depict interconnectivity of things and the interdependency between different realms - to question our understanding of self and what we accept as reality.

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