Belgian artist Saskia Pintelon, born in 1945, is a figurative painter who periodically inclines towards abstraction, text-based work, and collages. Pintelon draws inspiration from local and universal issues, weaving emotions and observations into intimate and personal preoccupations. She appropriates and remixes images, recycling her own work alongside found photographs. Themes of age, beauty, gender, loneliness, economy, and internet complexities are explored in her art, often infused with subtle humour. In Pintelon's hands, art becomes a dynamic exploration of the human psyche, transcending boundaries and challenging perceptions.

Educated at St Lucas, Ghent, Belgium, Pintelon graduated in 1967. She later became an art teacher. In the 1980s, she embarked on a transformative chapter, moving to Sri Lanka, which further shaped her artistic vision. Her global impact is evident through participation in prestigious events like the Dhaka Art Summit (2016, 2022) and the Colombo Art Biennale (2016). Pintelon’s work has adorned solo and group exhibitions across Europe, the UAE, South, and Southeast Asia.

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