Born in Germany in 1975, Sebastian Posingis is an architectural photographer whose work stands out for its unique approach; he prioritises the joy of experiencing buildings over strategizing iconic shots. His passion for photography began during his childhood in Sri Lanka, where he was unwittingly influenced by structures designed by renowned architect Geoffrey Bawa. This exposure laid the foundation for a lifelong fascination.

Today, Posingis boasts one of the most extensive collections of contemporary photographs documenting Bawa's architectural marvels. His images are celebrated for their authenticity and the ability to capture the poetry within Bawa's designs.
Posingis' career journey has been as eclectic as his early life. After studying Social Anthropology at the University of Kent, he transitioned to wildlife photography, working with organisations like Bloomberg and UN agencies. It was only a decade ago that he ventured into architectural photography, focusing on Geoffrey Bawa's creations.

His photography has appeared in Architectural Digest, Conde Nast Traveller, Elle Décor, Harpers Bazaar, the New York Times and Vanity Fair, among other publications. For the last ten years Posingis’ focus has been making photo-books on architecture. His books include The New Sri Lankan House (2015), Sri lanka. The Island From Above (2017), In Search of Bawa (2017) and Bawa Staircase (2018). Salt River (2024).

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