KALĀ x ASAP: Reflections on the No Order Group – the 90s in Sri Lanka

January 30, 2024

Artists Jagath Weerasinghe and Chandraguptha Thenuwara will be in conversation with Mala Yamey, Head of Programs at ASAP, to discuss the formation of the No Order Group and the long lasting impact of the ideas of the 1999 manifesto on not only their individual practices but also contemporary practice in Sri Lanka.

The No Order Group held its first and only exhibition on the 8th August 1999 at Vafa (Vibhavi Academy of Fine Arts) Gallery in Ethul Kotte, Sri Lanka. The “No Group” consisted of six artists: Jagath Weerasinghe, Kingsley Gunatillake, Chandraguptha Thenuwara, Anoli Perera, Muhanned Cader and Godwin R. Constantine. The No Group published the No Order Group Manifesto to accompany the exhibition; the text therein culminating the contributions of these pioneering artists to the 1990s shift in artistic practice.

The KALĀ x ASAP series is supported by the Faizal & Shabana Foundation

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