The Sunday Times | Image making re-imagined, interpreted and challenged

February 4, 2024

Stepping into Pivot Glide Echo – the inaugural exhibition of KALA – the new platform for showcasing South Asian modern and contemporary art both from the local and diasporic perspectives you are transported into a world of image-making. Image making re-imagined, interpreted, and challenged. KALA is now on at the Lionel Wendt Art Centre and will continue until February 25.

“The exhibition is broken into six clusters that have a unique story for themselves but also work harmoniously with each other,” explains Mariyam Begum, KALA’s Assistant Curator taking the Sunday Times on an exclusive walk-through of the exhibition. Mariyam worked with KALA’s Curatorial Advisor Sandhini Poddar, Adjunct Curator at Large of the Guggenheim, Abu Dhabi, on the exhibition.

“These pieces push us to rethink image-making, from the somewhat conventional art of where you would see a form of an object or a landscape to re-directing and re-interpreting it innovatively to challenge the possibilities of visual image making,” she says.

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